Revelation #1

My cousin hates smiling on camera. He also will never admit or be convinced about anything.

I thought that he just hated wasting time and that taking pictures to him were unneeded and useless. He didn’t like to look back on things, when he could just remember them.

But now I understand him.

I understand why he does this. Why he acts like this.

He wants the real thing. 

He hates pictures, because, yes, he hates wasting time. But there is more to this. In our pictures, we fake smiles and stand in random places. He hates doing this, and to be fair, so do I. I like pictures without people posing, but something more natural. Like candid camera.

When we have arguments, he won’t admit he’s wrong until he has actual, physical proof that he’s wrong. Sure, he’s stubborn, but he wants proof like anybody would.

He’s not easily convinced at all. I can’t imagine him settling down.

And this is one of the many things that I’ll learn.